1. Vaidik Astrology (horoscope study)

Indian AstrologyWhile a lot of people are engaged in fervently gathering inputs from Indian astrology for knowing about their future and to make some crucial decisions of their lives, it is highly interesting to know how Indian Astrology works. As suggested by its very name, the basics of Indian astrology stems from the study of astral bodies (planets) during one’s birth time.

Vedic astrology believes that the position of stars and planets during one’s birth indicate the entire map of his or her life and also the consequences of the deeds done during the past lives.

??Past KarmasIn the first place, it is important to note that the plants and stars do not cause what you experience in your life, but they help measure, interpret and time them out. In this regard, it is highly relevant to note what Sri Paramahansa Yogananda stated about astrology.

He says that every child is born on a given day when the cosmic rays are perfectly in the wavelength of the karmas done by the individual. Therefore, the horoscope of every individual is a perfect indication of his indelible past

??Astrological ClockFrom times immemorial, the zodiac chart and the horoscope are called as the Kala Chakra (wheel of time). In other words, we can say that the astrological chart of an individual is a sort of clock that perfectly reveals the timings in your life.

Strangely, the astrological clock has not just three arms like the conventional clocks, they have ten hands namely your rising sign and the planets including Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu and Ketu. The last two are understood as the eclipse nodes that are responsible for the occurrences of solar and lunar eclipses.

??Future PredictionTaking into account all these observations, an accomplished astrologer can clearly reveal a great part of your life including the instances when you will succeed and fail, the times when you shall experience good health and ill health, when you will come across love relationships, when you can marry, the information about your children and your relationshipwith them and the time when you shall actually die. Though some expert astrologers can certainly tell about all these issues so perfectly, many of them do not do so since often truth is unpalatable and indigestible.

??Astrological ChartEveryone’s personal zodiac chart and astrological chart are the ones that tick their lives on the earth. None have the power to change it. However, understanding it shall let you benefit a lot and stay at peace. When you know what shall happen at a point and what shall not happen despite best efforts, you can plan the course of your life accordingly and do a better job. This is the essence of helping people with the interpretations regarding their astrological chart.

??Spiritual AstrologyIndian astrology is deeply spiritual. It heavily draws from the universal forces and powers that are superhuman and beyond the purview of the senses. The course of life for an individual changes according to the changing planetary positions. In this way, every individual journeys till his last breath.

2. Horoscope matchmaking ( Kundli Milan)

There is a beautiful saying about marriage that “Marriages are made in heaven” but we are forgetting that Marriages are broken on earth. Success for a happy married life is begins with Kundli Milan. It is crucial and utmost necessity to their match Janam Kundli for attaining correct judgment on their suitability criteria. Amongst Hindus, marriage realizes the equality of partners in respect of Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha. In the Vedic Astrology of India, Kundali Matching is considered as a first stage of negotiating for an alliance. It should be considered beneath to all other factors such as: – physical fitness, mental abilities, cultural-social-economic status and many more.  

We examine horoscopes for matching of ‘Gana or Kuta’ and from the viewpoint of ‘Mangali Dosha’. However this is entirely a wrong conception to match horoscopes for. Matching in Astrology means much more factors along with above specified factors. In the Vedic Astrology of India we know a couple whose all 36 Gana points matched still there married life was full of complexity. On the other hand there are cases with only 4 or 5 Gana points matching couple lives happily ever even after their 30 years of marriage. Thus it clearly shows Practice of matching Gana should not be considered as the prime factor for Kundali Matching. The factors need to be considered important are: –

1.Longevity of partners

2.Mental & Physiological health

3.Factors showing separation or divorce

4.compatibility of partners

The compatibility question only arose when the first three factors indicates that they are going to stay together. Thus after examining the basic structure of Horoscopes of both partners along with the compatibility examination with their ‘Gana’ agreement & ‘Mangali dosha’ it is ensured that they do have long married life. The need for assessing the structure of the horoscope need be over emphasized before examining aspect of compatibility. There are total 36 Ganas and in the Gana agreement, compatibility of partners is examined from various points of views relevant to happy married life. The various aspects & points assigned to them are:-

  1. Nadi – 8
  2. Bhakoot (mutual disposition of moon signs) – 7
  3. Gana-maitri – 6
  4. Friendship between lords of moon signs – 5
  5. Yoni – 4
  6. Tara – 3
  7. Vasya – 2
  8. Varna – 1

Utmost importance in Gana agreement is given to Nadi which reflect physiological and hereditary factors. On the basis of birth nakshtras, Nadiis mainly of three types ADI, MADHYA, & ANTYA. If the boy and the girl belong to the same Nadi, it is considered to be Nadi Dosha. It is said that Nadi Dosha could adversely affect the compatibility and health of the married couple.

After Nadi, next most importance phase is matching their moon sign i.e. to examine mutual disposition of moon sign of two. It is also referred to as Bhakoot. These may be 7-7, 2-12, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9 & 6-8.

 After Bhakoot, next stage is the Gana-maitri. It indicates nature of the person as: – Divine (Deva), Human (Manushya) & Demon (Rakshash). The Deva gana indicates dignity & goodness; Manushya indicates combination of good & bad, whereas Rakshash indicates contempt, malice, & selfishness. The marriage between same gana is considered to be the best whereas the boy of Deva gana and girl of Rakshash girl or vice- versa are strictly prohibited.

The next phase is of Matching of lords of moon signs. It is crucial from the view point of harmony between husband and wife.  Yoni indicates sexual compatibility between partners. The Tara indicates problems in the married life, likely to be faced by the couple. Vashya is very important for the purpose of mutual attraction between the partners. Varna which is categorized as Brahmin, Kshtrya & Shudra indicates the capacity to take on the responsibility of the family. For successful happy married life, the compatibility of boy should be more than that of girl. 

We, therefore, see the compatibility from the different angles. In case there is matching of more than 18 ganas, marriages are recommended. Another important factor for Kundli Milan is matching the ‘Mangali Dosha’. It is basically the harmful effect of Mars. Mars is the only planet that has the privilege of being the reason for breaking marriage. ‘Mangali Dosham’ is referred as adverse effects of Mars on their spouse life. With the ‘Mangali Dosham’ in their horoscope the boy is known as ‘Mangalik’ boy or the girl is known as ‘Mangalik’ girl.

3. Medical Astro

Your horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it.

       There are four major factors at work in the horoscope, also when it comes to health indicators: the what, how, where, and why:

       Planets and similar points in the horoscope show what happens, what active power is at work.

       Zodiac signs show how the planets act, the characteristics of the event.

       Houses show where in one’s life, in what environment, the planets act.

       Aspects, the special angles between planets, show why the planets act as they do.

       It’s the same regarding your health horoscope.

       An obstructed planet can cause health problems linked to its own nature, and with the characteristics of the Zodiac sign the planet is in, usually in the body part governed by that Zodiac sign.

       Your health problem will be particularly influential and apparent in the environment of the House the planet is in, and the reason for the planet causing trouble is seen in the aspects it forms to other planets – either those of your birth chart, or planets in the sky that form transit aspects to those in your chart.

       That’s really all you need to examine in your health horoscope. But of course, it takes some time to sort out and understand these variables correctly.

A good way to familiarize yourself with how your horoscope indicates your health problems is to analyze illnesses or other health issues of your past. See if you can explain them by your birth chart, or by transits at play at the time of those ailments.

       You will have to choose significant health problems that you may have had, in order to find clear indicators of them in your horoscope. Not just any cold.

       Study your past to know your future. That’s as true for astrology as it is for life in general.

4. Colour therapy

Colour therapy colors surrounding show an impact on human heart, mind and intuitions. Studies by research and colors experts reveals the importance of colors in our lives, and colors influencing our atmosphere, thought and health. Like music waves shows its affect on human moods, similarly colors also influence human minds. The seven rays are the strength of our colorful world. Perfect usage of color in a space or building gives happiness, satisfaction, cooperation, intimacy understanding.  

5. Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers which reveals their immense potentialities. Every human Being has problems. The major problem is pain and sorrow and attainment of exclusive pleasure and happiness. The only solution for this problem is approaching it in numerological way and fixing a name on that basic. The science of numerology has the power to influence our lives, whether we believe in it or not. Numbers have the power to rule us whether we believe it or not. 

Effects of Numerology on Human Beings:- The moment a man is born, he is governed by certain numbers. These numbers start influencing his life. He is identified only by name and a number representing that name although he may not recognize them, he connect escape the influence of that number.As the grows older, year by year, numbers will be interwoven in his life. He will get success or failure, complete his education, and start his career according to the influence of the number on his life. Numbers are very powerful and have divinity. Each number has a peculiar electromagnetic power by which the events in his life are profoundly influenced. The chief number which influence or shapes a man’s life is his birth number. The birth number has an influence on his mental capacity, profession, family background and all other incidents in his life. According to the date of birth, there are 9 Numbers – 1 to 9 – each of which is represented by a plant the planets are assigned numbers.

They are :-

  • Sun is assigned No. ‘1’
  • Moon is assigned No. ‘2’
  • Jupiter is assigned No. ‘3’
  • Uranus is assigned No. ‘4’
  • Mercury is assigned No. ‘5’
  • Venus is assigned No. ‘6’
  •  Neptune is assigned No. ‘7
  • ’Saturn is assigned No ‘8’
  • Mars is assigned No. ‘9’

6. Feng Shui and Vastu 

Feng Shui  And vaastu
Feng Shui Astrology is the Vaastu Shastra of China. It is established by incorporating laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive Energy. It gives a highly satisfied experience. Feng Shui is not restricted to a particular religion. Feng Shui was originated in China but now it is adopted and practiced worldwide. The principle of Feng Shui gives a person happiness Wealth.  

Word meaning of Feng Shui is Wind- water. Feng Shui Consultant knows the right combination of air and water gives us benefits. Water, Earth, Wood, fire and Metals are the five positive circles which creates Feng Shui. According to Indian Vaastu Shastra we can change the negative energy into positive energy. Now days due to scarcity of land most of the factories, Apartments, Office, Shops and houses often have Vaastu Fault. To change negative energy into positive energy, our Feng Shui Experts and Vaastu Consultant India suggests the use of some items which are very economical as compare to re-construction or alteration.

Introduction –Vaastu is related as a science that deals with creation of concord energy field within a structure. Now days, Vaastu is considered as a pure science. It is basically a structure science to derive out and appreciate the benefits from it.  What is Vaastu? –Vaastu is basically an arrangement of elements that result in creating positivity in your surrounding. According to Indian ancient classical texts, vaastu means appropriate land for house all types of houses, building, cities, forts, bungalows, industries where ever a person lives or work called vaastu.  

Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or an environment whereas shastra in Sanskrit means system. Thus Vaastu Shastra collectively means an ancient art and science containing principles and practice of constructing buildings to attain a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bringing happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. 

7. Relationship counselling 


In order to understand how relationship counselling can benefit your relationship, it is first important to understand what couples counselling is and why couples attend. In short, relationship counselling happens with a professional counsellor, psychologist or therapist and is primarily focused on helping a couple resolve problems or issues that may be plaguing them or causing distress between them. Although we tend to think of relationship counselling as being limited to romantic relationships, it can also include other family relationships, friendships and work relationships.

In some cases, the issues are substantial, like chronic or constant fighting, discovering that an affair happened or struggling with differences in sexual desire. In other cases, a couple may attend relationship counselling to help them make decisions about a particular aspect of their relationship (like where to live, whether to get married or whether to have a baby). Sometimes couples come to relationship counselling as a way of understanding each other better and making a more informed decision about a long term commitment.

Many couples find themselves choosing relationship counselling as a method of helping themselves through difficult periods when the relationship may be going through a development phase of contraction or expansion and how they relate to each other may be shifting and changing.

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